"No project too big" (or - small)
(Shown are "Thumb Bibles" and it was published in 1851.  They were given many times to kids in Bible school for doing a good job.)
Although we are a modern library bindery, our heritage is traditional old-world craftsmanship. We are specialists in the restoration of family Bibles, parlor Bibles, and recovering contemporary Bibles with a new cover.

In our handwork area, we can restore old tin type photo holders, your favorite childhood book to pass on to your children and any favorite old book that you may own.

Materials that we use range from natural leather (begins at $150.00) to bonded leather (begins at $85.00) to linens and canvases that compliment your project.

Bibles bound in natural leather should give you twenty-five or more years of additional use. How do we know this statistic? We know this because of the feedback we get from our customers and because we have been binding since 1929 and we have the next generations returning have work performed.

  • We can create special clamshell boxes in any size for the preservation of fragile materials or a special presentation.

  • We can offer advice over the phone or internet if you have problems with pests, water damage or dried out leather (commonly called red rot).

  • We can add life to hymnals from your church that are worn. We offer special pricing when 25 or more are bound at the same time.

When sending in your Bible or book for restoration, it is best to keep the book block as secure as possible. We suggest wrapping each book in a food wrap type product first (like saran wrap). This will contain all pages and pieces within this first wrapping.

Add a second layer of newspaper or bubble wrap and then you can box it or place your book in a mailer. If there is still space in your box, add additional newspaper as a filler. Our goal is to minimize any shaking that may occur during transport by UPS or USPS.

To get an estimate for rebinding your family heirloom, just click here and fill out the form for faster online service.


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