bindery paper basics

About Paper

When selecting paper for a project, ask yourself these bindery paper basics:

Is the paper appropriate for the book’s purpose?
Does the paper help express the look and feel you want your book to have?
Does the paper complement the other materials used?

About Paper

Paper has one common characteristic, whether it is mass-produced or handmade from natural fibers. The grain indicates the arrangement or direction of the fibers. A book will be stronger, less likely to warp and easier to fold if the grain of all the papers is parallel to the spine of the book. Often companies label the grain direction on the packaging for the paper.

If the grain is not listed, you can test it by bending or folding the paper. If you fold a piece of the paper and it shows cracking along the crease, the grain runs in the opposite direction of the crease. If you still have difficulty determining the grain, cut a small piece and wet it. As the paper dries, it will begin to bend in the direction of the grain. Generally, handmade papers do not have a grain, as the fibers lie in different directions.

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What Our Clients Say

I searched for a bookbinding company to make a book for my son, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the USMC. I had his letters and pictures of his platoons from his days at Parris Island through OCS, Ramadi and Helmand Province--and a Bronze Star (V). I am so fortunate we found Gail and Denver Bookbinding. Gail guided me through the process, selecting the cover material, the alignment and then produced 4 copies of the book at an incredibly fair price. My son, his sister and mother each received a copy--they are lifetime heirlooms. My son said: "Now my children will know what I did in the Corps and my relationship with my dad." We all thank Gail and her team.
David Branson

In 2008 we ordered numerous family tree books to be bound....this company was wonderful to work with and our books were done at time they said they would be. Very impressed with their work!

Linda Lippert

Very friendly staff. This place has done an excellent job in preserving my professional journals for many years.

Richard Brundige

Great staff and an incredible product! We visited on pi day (March 14th) and as we walkef in the door were quickly offered wonderful choices of delicious pies. From there they passionately answered our questions and got us the materials we needed. Thanks Denver Book Binding!

Beau Palin

Denver Bookbinding and the Second Story Event Space is a great place to hold an event at. I had my baby shower there and felt nothing but welcomed onto their property. There is plenty of parking and it is very open and spacious. I even had Denver Bookbindings employees help me with setting up the tables and chairs. I would highly reccomend this event center to all my friends and family.

Ann Lindley

Excellent work always listen to what I want and make better suggestion than what I was thinking. I have several more books to have binding down, will only deal with Denver bookbonders.

Wayne Pennington
Loved the spot, really nice atmosphere with comfy sofa chairs and a large bookcase full of books, they had a dog named Apollo that walked right up to me and everyone there was super nice.
Matthew Wilburn